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IoT Connectors for mangOH

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Product Overview

A range of IoT expansion modules to compliment the mangOH™ development platform.


The Renfell Engineering USB – RS232 4 Wire IoT Connectorallows the user to add additional high-speed RS232 serial devices to the Sierra Wireless mangOH development board. 

The Renfell Engineering RS485 2 Wire IoT Connector  enables the mangOH development board to connect to devices and networks that use the half duplex RS485 serial bus protocol to communicate. 

The Renfell Engineering Interface IoT Connector  enables the developer to access some of the I/O interfaces of the mangOH development board without having to design a custom card. The I2C, SPI, GPIO and UART interfaces on the mangOH IoT slot Connector are brought out to the ‘outside world’ on a 20 pin 0.1” pitch connector via isolation and level shifting circuitry.
The Renfell Engineering UART RS282 4 Wire IoT Connector for mangOH Red allows the user to access the onboard hardware UART interface on the mangOH development board.