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AirLink GL7600 LTE CAT1 Modem

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Product Overview

AirLink GL7600 purchases include a DC cable and an adaptive cable.

The Sierra Wireless GL7600 4G modem is a CAT-1 LTE device with 2G fall-back. The GL7600 is a compact 4G modem, allowing it to be used in applications where space is restricted. The device can be mounted on a surface using the built-in mounting screws, providing a neat, secure solution at no extra cost. Both RS232 and USB interfaces are supported, with flexibility for different USB endpoint setups to support different operating systems such as Windows 10 or Linux.

The GL7600 4G modem can be powered from a local DC source, and it supports a wide operating voltage. Alternatively, an AC power adapter is available. The “last gasp” function is a useful feature, allowing the GL7600 to send an SMS or UDP message immediately after power supply switch-off or failure.

A range of antennas can be used with the GL7600, depending on the application and required mounting method. When connected to an LTE network, the GL7600 CAT1 4G modem typically achieves 8-10Mbps downlink speed and 4-5Mbps uplink speed.


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